Call for Musicians!

Looking for musicians for my upcoming film, No More Parties, produced through the Filmmaker Assistance Program at the National Film Board of Canada. 

Brief synopsis of film: 
Rose, a young Asian-Canadian, lives at home with her parents. Despite her sprained ankle and her mom’s lecturing, Rose attends Dean’s going away party. She becomes increasingly isolated as her injury restricts her from singing and dancing with her friends. The party moves to Lina’s house, which is large but empty. Rose stumbles upon Lina singing karaoke alone in her bedroom. Although Lina lives a fortunate life, she is ultimately lonely as her family is abroad. In the end, Rose learns the complexities of independence and just how naive she was for taking her parents for granted. 

San Diego

Photos from my trip to San Diego for the San Diego Asian Film Festival. Shot on Olympus XA2 with Fuji Pro 400H.

Whistler Film Festival

Very happy to announce that Floating Light won the ShortWork Student Award at Whistler Film Festival! It's been a long process, so I would like to thank everyone who helped on the project!

The jury also made a very kind statement about Floating Light in the press release:

The future of BC filmmaking is in very good hands. This was a very impressive lineup of student shorts, so to standout amongst this group is a major accomplishment. For its impressive performances, dreamy aesthetic, and for the assuredness and subtly in its directorial vision, the jury is pleased to give this award to a stunningly accomplished and inventive film that uses a quiet voice to speak loudly. This is a filmmaker with an extremely bright future.

I am extremely grateful to have been able to make this film and attend such amazing festivals! Hopefully, there will be more festivals to visit (and films to make) in the future.

November Festivals

November will be a busy month! Floating Light will be playing at the following festivals: Portland Film Festival, Vancouver Asian Film Festival, and San Diego Asian Film Festival. There is one more festival at the very end of November, but I can't announce it yet! 


This is a touch late, but Like the Flow of a River was screened at Toronto Film Week last Tuesday. It's super exciting knowing that people across the country were able to watch my film, as well it was the winner of the Best Canadian Cinema Now category! Although I submitted to many festivals, this is the first one I got accepted to and I am just very grateful for the experience. I will be submitting to a few more festivals before the film is done its course. Hopefully there will be more updates to come!

Festival website:

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